Finally the great day has come and life as a forager begins. The general belief has been that the foraging period of a bee's life lasts about three weeks. Increasing evidence has shown that a bee's total adult life span is closer to four weeks during the active season, and that life as a field bee is sometimes as short as four or five days. A bee's life span is tied to the metabolization of carbohydrates. The more work that she does, the more carbohydrates (sugar) she consumes and the faster her system wears out. Foraging is the most energy-consuming activity a bee can undertake. Of course, some bees do live for six weeks and longer, and forage over a period of three weeks and longer, even in the summer. Bad weather, poor nectar flows, and anything else that forces the bees to be idle contribute to a longer life. Unfortunately, these same causes result in a poor season for the beekeeper.
I was stung on the foot by a bee. . . . sublime pleasure.